About JHC
Dr. Jagpal's Homoeopathic Centre (JHC) situated in Ludhiana is having a research based clinical environment. The JHC presents a modern & scientific face of homeopathy. It is the first homoeopathic centre in Northern India where latest technology of computerized case analysis was introduced.

Team of three committed M.D. Homoeopaths under one roof specialized in various areas and compassionate staff who not only offer the most excellent results but have rather set top notch international standards in advanced homoeopathy.

We value your time and your life. We are highly successful in dealing with majority health problems powerfully and to bring about the positive results in rapid, gentle and permanent manner. The quality of results is such that Dr. Jagpal’s Homoeopathic Centre is the first preference of the cream of the city and surrounding vicinity.

Our patients count on us; they experience warmth, feeling of being taken care of and ambience which is positive and tranquil. JHC is thankful that it is recommendation of their patients for their loved ones.

Specialized Treatments
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
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